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H01 SCARED! HEAVY keyboard controls! / Wild game!

H02 Concrete Dreams Racing Tournament!

H03 Pac Man YES, Pac Man!

H04 Astral Entertainment Only has games to download / no online play.

H05 Ruprecht's Haunted House

H06 Asphyx Assault Fighter Keyboard Controls

H07 Rollerboy Different Levels / Keyboard Controls

H08 JUMP Help Jumpie find his vacuum! / Keyboard Controls

H09 Gomoku An aggressive version of connect four. FRUSTRATING!

H10 Falling Stars If you like 'KABOOM' sounds, this is for you!

H11 MAHJONGG Are you up to this? VERY Addictive!

H12 Deluxe Peg Jump A Changeable Solitaire Game

H13 Mastermind Here's something different.

H14 AMaze Game This is pretty funky!

H15 Bull Pen Blast Step on up to the Pitchers Mound!

H16 Roller Blade Obstacles Sure it's silly, but it's fun...

H17 Cliff Luger Race a Luge!

H18 Slugfest "Batter-UP!" Neat Game!

H19 Sandboard Slalom Take a run down the slopes!

H20 Word Puzzles Many to choose from.

H21 Rolling Rocks An odd little game...

H22 Boxerjam Word Games

H23 Fishing Party Get the fish before the whale gets You!

H24 Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg! This is neat!/Diff. episodes.

H25 Hammer a Hun! LOL!

H26 Yahtzee Another version / another screen size.

H27 Pub Darts For 1 or 2 Players.

H28 FROGGER {Shockwave}

H29 Alien Splat The only hard part here, is staying awake!

H30 Hangman