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C01Nisqually You'll probably hate me for this one! *HINT* PLAN your moves!

C02 Bounce Out! The sound effects are kinda cute, unless you keep losing!

C03 Ant! It's "OK" but gets boring fast.

C04 Santa Balls 2 Gotta love those Elves! (Or do you?)

C05 Table Tennis SOUNDS easy but give it a try!

C06 Panik in Chocoland Nothing fancy but doable.

C07 Steeplechase Challenge You Must win EVERY race to win. (10 races)

C08 Moonstar Tetris - Worms Free games to play. from their site or Keep it on your puter for offline play.

C09 Virtual Curling Not exciting but 'Virtually Fun'

C10 Penguin Arcade Kinda cute, good for a warm-up.

C11 Soap Bubble NOT Easy!

C12 Cable Capers2 Yet another opportunity for online frustration!

C13 Warp Speed A little too addictive in the beginning...

C14 Medieval Warlords A strategic-level wargame of Kings and Conquest played via email.

C15 Peanut Kinda gross but fun.

C16 Acno's Energizer Have fun....going nuts!

C17 Stress RELIEF Paintball! LOL! Time to get rid of some of that stress! NAIL those Smiley's!

C18 Triclops A new approach to an old game. Remenber: ROTATE to get a higher score! : )

C19 Blast Billiards Different! Let that Red Bar get High if you want to make a good play.

C20 Polar Rescue If you can win this one, YOU are good!

C21 Pentominoes Can YOU solve this one?

C22 Marble Knock Out Hmmm, a lil Too exciting for meee! ; )

C23 Dig It This weird...

C24 Snowball Fight! Takes a little while to get used to.

C25 RUGBY Even if you don't know the game, this will frustrate you enough to wanna learn! ; )

C26 Hurtle Turtle I like this one! Would be nice if you had more time though. : (

C27 Text Twist How many can you get before the time runs out?

C28 Sokoban A mover cajas hasta llevarlas todas a su lugar - pero como?

C29 QBeez A fun approach to a familiar game. (takes a while to fully load)
The game gets a bit glitchy in the last rounds, don't like that!

C30 Men in Black II: Crossfire Can YOU save the earth?