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A01 Sheep Sleep Help "Sheep" get the town back to sleep!

A02 Ski Daddle Hit the slopes with Sylvester & Tweety. ; )

A04 Laser Assault You've got to be fast to win this one! (Thanks Paul!)

A05 Akimo the Tequila Worm In this game you are a tequila worm called Akimo, desperately in need of a tequila in the middle of the desert. Race to the end of the course as quickly as possible - but beware: scorpions, spiders and cactuses will keep you from getting to your drink, just like in real life.

A06 Red Green Blue the game consists of an environment and beings living in it. score is generated by those beings eating out of the environment and reproducing themselves, multiplied by the degree of entropy (variety between red, green and blue). creation of a new being costs a fifth of the score. highscore represents the highest score so far.

A07 Throw The Milkbucket Strangely Addictive! Click on the man or girl to play.

A08 Missle Attack! A good aim will make this one last for days!

A09 Pocketful Of Stars The starfield is reflection on the ice.

A10 Cranky Crabs! Defend your beach! (I like this one!)

A11 Bubble Bees Collect the bees in bubbles. Another good one from Orsinal!

A12 Chicken Wings Are Not For Flying! Don't let the music put you to sleep. (cute game)

A13 Aim and Fire! Not very challenging but still a fun diversion.

A14 Submarines Same theme as many others but ...

A15 The Bourbon Street Game Click on "Fun & Games" at the top and then "Bourbon Street" on the game selector on the left.