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F01 Wacky Game

F02 Marbles Another addictive game. Betcha can't just play ONE game!

F03 This is quick....and pretty sick!

F04 This was just too silly. Had to add it!

F05 Super Marionette Very easy / has Nothing to do with Puppets! LOL

F06 Marionette 2 Gets a little tougher.

F07 JS Falcon (Heavy Keyboard)

F08 This could take a few days to load...

F09 Psychic Test This is silly but will keep you busy for a while.

F10 The Reflex Tester This may surprise you!

F11 Remember "Concentration"?

F12 Shooting Gallery A Quickie. How's your rating?

F13 Keyboard controls.

F14 Remember this from the 'Old Days"?

F15 Gets more annoying with each new round!

F16 Help Cliffie deliver the mail.

F17 Takes a little while to load.

F18 Soccer? This one scares me...

F19 Bingo Online For when you absolutely Have To Do 'Something'!

F20 Care to give it a shot?

F21 Games to Download If you're running short of hard drive space,
just download to a temp. file and run from their site.

F22 Brand new game from Shockwave!

F23 Here's your Free bus ticket to Insanityville!

F24 Javanoid For a nice head start on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! ARGH!

F25 MONTY You've got to try this at least once!

F26 I like this game! It's different! (see message above)

F27 Rapid Fire! Quick and 'almost' painless!

F28 Easy to learn!

F29 Beat The Goalie! This is funny.

F30 ASTROBALL Funky And Frustrating!