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Free Web Wargames

  • Archmage is a game similar to Earth: 2025 but with an emphasis on Magic. Although another clone, and in the same theme as Monarchy, it does add something new since you play a Mage.

  • BlackNova Traders is a turnbased wargame in space. You create an empire by building up your ship and taking over planets.

  • Broken Metal is a semi real-time science fiction game. Players earn turns as time progresses, and spend these to perform various actions. Each player has a ship, and travels from planet to planet improving his ship - weapons, cargo space, crew, etc. The typical objective is to wipe out all other players (or those opposed to your alliance).

  • Button Men is a web based game that implements the dice-based game of Button Men by Cheapass Games. This is a two player non-deterministic perfect information game that is simple to learn. Every game may take several days to play, so you can easily join or create dozens of games. The website also features tournaments, and an extensive set of button men. You can also play against a very strong AI player, that is hosted at AccessDenied.Net.

  • Earth: 2025 (links on AccessDenied). This is one of the better ones. You play a country in a large borderless game (200-3000 players). This game features a very good economic system and the possibility for different successful strategies. Due to the lack of geographical positioning, in the larger games cheating (multiple accounts) can be a problem but the smaller randomly assigned games help alleviate this problem. Due to the large games and fact that you can attack anyone conflicts tend to be localized based on rank (or pure chance). Similar to the BBS game BRE.

  • Evernight. EverNight is a game that pits you against hundreds of other players in a quest to control the world. The world is filled with a vast number of conquerable regions. As a new player, you begin with a single region, but by deploying your forces and launching attacks on other regions and players, your empire can grow larger and larger. The objective is to control as many regions as possible at the end of the game, and to crush or coerce anyone that stands in your way. (Uses JavaScript)

  • Imperial Conflict is a free online multiplayer game where the user competes with thousands of other players to rule the galaxy with military, diplomatic, and economic measures.

  • Final Conquest is a java game of world conquest inspired by Risk. Compete against other players or computer controlled opponents. There are several different maps available to play on and an interface for the visitors to create their own battle grounds.

  • Global Combat is a game of world domination much like Risk. Create alliances and conquer your foes as you play against up to 7 others. It is fairly popular with thousands of players and about 200 players (March 2002).

  • Hundred Years War web game. This game is a very detailed and realistic wargame/RPG set in the 14th century Hundred Years War between England and France. You play the head of some household that actually existed in the period. You control a fief or even possibly manage a province. Features diplomacy, strategy, politics and cooperation. Costs 6$ US per character per month.

  • Interstelen is another free turn-based game (available January 2000). It is playable with a standard browser (no Java or plugins necessary), and the emphasis is on fun (many complexities are handled for you if desired), but there is a strong possibility for depth. The premise is that your species has just discovered interstellar travel, and is setting out to find its density among the stars - only to discover that you're not alone. Starting with one system, you must conquer the galaxy. Some of the primary aspects are mining, terraforming, technology research and designing your own ships. Different games conveniently update at various rates like Stellar Crisis (from minutes to days), and will typically last 40 turns or so. There is no absolute limit on the number of players (it could be hundreds), but it will typically be 8 or so.

  • Robo Runner is a turn based game very similar to the boardgame Robo Rally. It is HTML based game for up to eight players per game. Turns are processed once all players have submitted a program, so a full game may take several days, hence you could typically join or start a dozen games (much like Stellar Crisis or Button Men).

  • Star Exodus, uses dynamically generated graphical pages to represent the map. In the story, colonists are fleeing the crowded homeworlds to start a new life among the stars. Planets orbit suns and wormholes slide from system to system. Use military force to seize other captains' ships and colonies, or punish annoying aliens. Form a corporation with other players.

  • Stellar Crisis Room which contains information for the public domain intergalactic wargame Stellar Crisis. Games are typically smaller (under 10 players but there are some with more), and you have the option to play faster games (about 2-6 players and turns every 3 minutes so it only takes a few hours to play) although once you have a few wins there are big games you can join (as high as 24 hours per turn). Intuitive basic system with deep strategy. The universe is a 2D map of connected planets, and you move your ships between these. You cannot simply make a huge fleet due to resource limits so you need to maintain balances. There are 3 basic units and a dozen units in all that can be researched - each having its own unique use. One of the tradeoffs is power versus technology.

  • Utopia is another game from Echelon Games of Earth: 2025 fame (formerly Solaria Games). It is fantasy-based and basically the same sort of menu-driven kingdom management game as many others, except with some interesting differences. Every action in the game (attacking, building, etc) takes game time to complete (almost a real-time game). The game also does a good job of putting an emphasis on politics and cooperation, as well as a slight geographical aspect.

    The game is set in one large World, and this is broken into several Islands (at least 10). Each Island in turn contains several Kingdoms (about 50?). Finally, each Kingdom contains up to 25 Provinces (typically 10) - and you are put in charge of a Province. Each Kingdom is pretty much a randomly generated team - a Regent must be voted who gains an advantage and dictates the relationships with other kingdoms. To become Regent you require a certain percentage of the votes, and your votes depends on your power (so you can certainly bully your way into the position but it will damage the kingdom as a whole).

  • War of Conquest is a massively multplayer strategy game which awards cash prizes. It is free to play, but the trick is that you can spend money (indirectly via PayPal) to gain advantages during the game (such as special technologies). You develop a nation through a large technological range while competing for control of mysterious orbs that are scattered throughout the landscape.

Other Web Games

  • Melted Media has two Tetris clones that require Shockwave. One is called Ignition and the other is Goop.

  • Solitaire Mahjongg, a javascript game. Note that you need IE 6 to play it, and you should make sure you don't have your "Temporary Internet Files" settings set to check "Every visit to the page." If you do, it will be very slow. You should instead use "Automatic."

PBEM Games

  • Medieval Diplomacy is a play-by-email game set in the Middle Ages, when mighty Kings ruled by fire and sword. The first scenario available is "Medieval Diplomacy", which is a strategic-level wargame, where players rule historical kingdoms, leading their armies of armored warriors. To stay on your throne, you will need to use well-planned tactics, clever scheming, and ruthless determination. It is free to play, and the program to play your turn is a free download (for Windows).